PRESENT BudgetVideo4BIZ Presentation By Jim Bannon

1) ENGAGE prospects more effectively
2) DIRECT your target audience subtly to a
      wide variety of digital resources
3) MEASURE responses to your invitations;
      answering the question,

      "Did they ACTUALLY follow your
Call2ACTION™ Symbol

Together, these solid results assure
you are maximizing the 
ROI - Return on the time and dollars you invest
in your marketing/advertising "campaigns"
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Bringing the OFFLINE World to Your ONLINE Presence - QR Code - Industry Best Practices from BudgetVideo4BIZ on Vimeo.

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Chicago Android MEETUP Presentation

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Oh really? "The QR code is dead"? SAYS WHO??    
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Think of what it would be like finding yourself in Paris

and not able to read French?

The same scenario applies to QR Codes, today in the US!

We only have to teach folks the language ONCE!

 Then, they can scan (read) a QR Code, and it will be very easy

to communicate with them - the next time!

The world needs to be more effectively connected.

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